Dr. Timothy R. Black

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Dr. Black is a Podiatrist, specializing in Surgery, Trauma and Sport Injuries affecting the foot and ankle. His podiatry training includes the California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco California. Residency was held at Jerry L. Pettis Veterans Medical Center in Loma Linda California. This experience has provided him with an extensive and thorough background in foot and ankle care. He takes great pride in the quality of care and at all times provides a caring environment with special emphasis on comfortable, safe and complete care in his conveniently located podiatry office in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He keeps up to date with all the latest podiatry techniques. You may be surprised to know that your feet are not supposed to hurt. If you are having a foot problem, you are not alone, sixty percent of the population seek help for a foot problem every year with their podiatrist. If you need to find a podiatrist please give us a call at 208-528-8700.

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Timothy R. Black D.P.M. (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine)
Complete Medical and Surgical Care of the Foot and Ankle
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